Welcome to Bermuda's No 1 Source for tabletop gaming on the island This site is dedicated to all tabletop games that involve the use of miniatures. On this website, you will find a gallery to browse photos from our community of gamers. Also, stop by the forums and introduce yourself and what game system you play. This is also the place to find a game so if you're looking for an established community on the island to play with or to start your own post here.

Currently, this site hosts Warhammer 40k but It is my hope to greatly expand to other game systems such as War Machine and Hordes depending on what miniatures games are played in Bermuda. Further, I wish to expand this website to other tabletop game systems such as Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons.


Hello everyone, my name is Richard Shastri and I have been a fan of  Warhammer since I got my first box set in 1998. Since then I've have continued to enjoy all aspects of the hobby. Returning to Bermuda years ago from school I found a like-minded group who enjoyed the hobby. One thing was missing that I had found in the UK and that was a central website for those that liked the hobby to gather, discuss and plan games and events. After years of trying I have decided to create one myself.


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